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What Metrics to Capture

Metrics Much like doing laundry or walking the dog in sub-zero temperatures, analytics are a necessary evil. They’re a bother to track and can be pretty dull (unless percentages really do it for you), but they’re also the foundation for a whole lot of your...

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What is WordPress?

WordPress is a platform on which websites can be built. Widely considered to be the most powerful content management platform on the web, WordPress powers nearly 25% of the Internet and almost a quarter of the top 10 million websites. Trusted by CNN, Forbes, (Justin...

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How to Get Better Photos for Your Website

The difference between cheesy stock photos and unique, on-brand art on your company’s website is like the difference between a slice of pizza from the year-old frozen box in your fridge and an artisanal pie bubbling fresh out of the oven from a quaint little shop in...

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3 Questions to Ask About Your Web Design

Every few years, web design trends seem to shift. First, there were busy homepages with tons of headlines and graphics. Then the tide came in: clean pages that scrolled forever were hot. It’s easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing, but the most important...

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Design 101: How to Set Up Your First Website

There’s nothing more oppressive and terrifying than a blank space. (And not just because Taylor Swift might use it to write a song about your relationship.) Turning your brand-new, totally empty website into an attractive, functioning tool for growing your business is...

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